Our rare breed Wessex Saddleback pig sows are called Babe, Winnie and Saddleback Samantha. We use the services of travelling Boars. Yes, the animals on our farm have names, even the ones destined for the pot.

We believe it shows more respect for the animals and their lives and the ultimate sacrifice they make for us. Plus it helps us, our guests and customers to make the connection between a life and the meat they eat. We all need to respect and value the lives given or taken for us to enjoy meat and its benefits.

Yes, it makes it harder at slaughter time. Tears are always shed. Each and every one of our animals enhances our lives and they all have unique personalities. They are never the same. Some have been bottle reared, some are hand fed, all are loved and bring great joy.

Our pigs free range doing important work with their powerful snouts in areas we designate needing their attention! They are helping us clear weedy areas and sweetening the soil with their wonderful manure.

Our piglets are slaughtered at Everson’s Abattoir near Kempsey and butchered at Munster’s butchery in Port Macquarie. The hams and bacon are smoked on-site there, and the sausages are made to our own unique recipes.

Saddleback meat is very sweet and the breed is a fatty breed. It is the fat which imbues the meat with its sweetness and the challenge for us is picking exactly the right time for slaughter – not too fat, not too thin. Generally speaking that works out to be around 4 – 6 months of age. We do not normally need to drench our piglets although if we need to, we will, just once. Our sows are treated with wormer once a year.

We believe fat is GOOD for you and gives you that lovely feeling of fullness. It is SUGAR that the body turns into fat, not fat. Fat is essential for coating the nerve endings, de-stressing us, and making us better able to handle life’s challenges. Pork fat is to be savoured and saved. We use it for all our frying. Winter kale fried quickly in pork fat with garlic is to be tasted to be believed . . . .

Pork is normally available twice a year. We encourage all our customers to buy the old fashioned way. Buy quality, buy bulk, and buy seasonally.