Fruit & Marmalade Cake

Apart from the fact that this cake lasts for ages in a tin, is moist and intensely tasty, it also uses up the pantry full of failed marmalades I have in jars! Making orange marmalade with honey instead of sugar is intensely difficult (STILL haven’t mastered it!). Lemon Marmalade with Honey is a different story – suffice it to say … Read More

Tahini, Lemon & Garlic Dressing

We all loathe store bought salad dressing – what is IN it so it can keep fresh on shelves for years??? (I dread to think!)  But despite my dear Mama telling me how easy it is to make real egg based mayo, I have never really succeeded.  No matter, this delicious alternative is so good for you and so divine … Read More

Cambodian Wedding Day Dip

After the luscious rain we had last week and on Sunday – gorgeous, growthy, heaven sent watering – the mushrooms are springing from the ground.  It’s really Autumn! And my fingers led me to this recipe in The River Cottage Veg cookbook.  We can always rely on Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall to give us a flavour filled recipe to make the most … Read More

Supper under the Stars (+ camping & brekky – child)

And then when it is time for you to lay down your weary head, sleep in your swag, caravan, camper trailer or tent, listening to the burbling of the river, the humming of the alpacas, and the shooting stars above.  Feast on farm fresh bacon & eggs, organic muesli and sourdough toast with home grown honey and home made jams … Read More

Pumpkin Soup

John Southcott came down from Comboyne at Easter and brought the most amazing Pumpkin Soup with him.  He brought a HUGE pot and we basically licked it clean!  He kindly wrote the recipe down for us and I am compelled to share it as the temperature drops and our bodies start craving warm, slow cooked foods for Autumn and Winter. … Read More

Apple Crumble

In preparation for the Easter festivities and the deluge of people coming to share time, space and food with us, I dreamt up a new Crumble topping. I love it, Ged prefers the old one and Ben is too happy that he finally gets apple crumble to care! It got the thumbs up from our guests (but then they hadn’t … Read More

Marmalade & Coconut cake

One of the joys of experimenting with preserving your own produce is the sense of satisfied abundance when the pantry shelves are stacked high and low with home made and home grown. There are also many burnt pans and jars of rejects – not pretty enough or good enough for sale, but good enough for family! When I first started … Read More

The Carnivore’s Conundrum

For an animal lover and long time vegan it was hard to conceive of eating meat for myself, even if I could feed it to my family. I had long before accepted that eating eggs was a whole and healthy protein source for my diet – as long as from my own chooks that I fed, loved and nurtured. I … Read More

The food journey begins . . .

So when the little one’s soul was screaming for meat, I had to go shopping. And discovered that buying good quality, organic, free range meat is not possible in either of the Duopoly’s chains. Strike One! Then I hunted out butchers. In the UK these are normally jovial chaps with a real passion for quality meat and making sausages etc. … Read More