Apple Crumble

In preparation for the Easter festivities and the deluge of people coming to share time, space and food with us, I dreamt up a new Crumble topping. I love it, Ged prefers the old one and Ben is too happy that he finally gets apple crumble to care! It got the thumbs up from our guests (but then they hadn’t tasted the old version and may have been overwhelmed by the creamy deliciousness of home made vanilla and chocolate ice creams . . . )

Anyway, for my money, this is the most gorgeous Crumble topping and well worth a try . . .

600g organic rolled oats
300g desiccated coconut
22 dates
125g butter chopped into cubes
2 kilos green apples

Roughly chop the apples and add water to cover then bring to boil for 30 minutes before turning down to simmer for a few hours until soft, shapeless and pulpy. Grease a glass dish and spread out your apple sauce – save some for pork, and some for breakfast for the week!

De-seed the dates and put all ingredients in the food mixer. Whizz quickly so butter evenly distributed but you still have a rough consistency. mixture should hold together without being too crumbly and must not be a big gluggy mess.

Use your hands to scoop the topping out of the mixer and distribute over the apple. Trickle a little honey over the top if you like but with the dates, it doesn’t need it. Bake in a hot oven (200 – 220 deg C) for 30 minutes until brown and serve with cream or ice cream or natural yoghurt.