What do Naked Farmers wear in winter? Wool of course!

Alpaca fleece is light with incredible thermal properties, which is why alpacas are the source of all clothing high up in the Andes in Peru. We sleep with our heads on alpaca pillows, under alpaca doonas and keep warm in alpaca beanies, ponchos, jackets and jumpers.

Dave is our wonderful shearer who comes once a year for a huge day of shearing. Ged manhandles the animals (alpacas are shorn on a table with an old sock over their mouths to catch the regurgitated grass for the spitters!), sheep are shorn on the ground. Sophie sorts and grades the fleece into huge bales which are then shipped down to Victoria to be sorted, scoured (cleaned) and then turned into duvets (doonas), pillows and sleeping bags as well as wool for knitting, felting etc.

The coarser fleece from the older animals, is used on farm as insulation in various building projects, or as compost. Sheep fleece is used in alpaca bedding products to give some structure to the fill as alpaca fleece is so fine and can compact too easily without the extra body sheep fleece adds to the mix.

We sell a selection of useful and beautiful alpaca products in our shop. Join the wool revolution, rebel against microfibre mass production, and enjoy the feeling of organic, natural fleece.